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The pros and cons of eyelash extensions

Do Kim Kardashian’s long, full lashes make you green with envy? You may want to consider lash extensions, then. But before you book an appointment, here’s what you should know first.

Eyelash extensions

Long, flirty lashes are what many of us covet, especially if we’ve inherited sparse, barely there eyelashes. Lash extensions (not to be confused with the false eyelashes you apply on your own at home) might be a good option for you. The treatment involves a lash extension expert gently taping down your lower lashes (so that your lashes don’t stick together) and using tweezers to apply individual faux lashes (although some are made with real hair) to your actual lashes. Interested in trying them out? Here are some pros and cons of eyelash extensions.


They can look very natural

Depending on the type of eyelashes you use, the results are very natural looking — more natural than mascara oftentimes — so you always look refreshed and awake, with your lashes opening up your eyes.

They last for about three weeks

So for three weeks, you don’t have to fuss with curling your eyelashes or applying mascara. You can get out the door faster!


The application process is time-consuming

If you have a really busy schedule, you may not want to opt for extensions. The appointment — if you choose to get 75 or more lashes per eye — can last more than two hours.

They’re not easy on the budget

The more lashes you have applied, the more it costs. Applying about 75 lashes per eye will run you about $200. If you go back in three weeks to get them filled in, you’re looking at about $50 to $75 for that upkeep appointment.

They last only three weeks

Yes, their duration is also a con. You have to weigh the cost of the type you get with the three or so weeks they will last you. It might not be affordable to have them on an ongoing basis. If that’s the case, consider eyelash extensions for special occasions, then, such as for a vacation or a wedding.

They can look fake

As much as lash extensions can look natural, extremely long ones (applied to the bottom lashes as well) will not come across as real. But if that’s the look you want, then by all means, go for it!

Your eye makeup choices are limited

While lash extensions make wearing mascara unnecessary, keep in mind that wearing eyeliner and eyeshadow is not ideal when you have eyelash extensions, since you’ll need to wash and rub your eye area to remove your eye makeup. If you still opt to wear eye makeup, then be sure to use a non-oily eye makeup remover.

They may not suit your lifestyle

If you swim or have sweaty workouts, your lash extensions’ lifespan is more limited, since exposure to water, sweat and frequent bathing will weaken the glue’s bond.

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