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How to prevent mascara from smudging

If you find your mascara always ends up smudging, it’s time to try something new. After all, the raccoon look is not what you’re going for!

Woman applying mascara

Do you often find your makeup looks fine when you leave the house, but the next time you catch yourself in the mirror, your mascara has smudged below your eyes? If you’re tired of looking like a raccoon, here are some ways to prevent your mascara from smudging.

Powder your face

Sometimes the natural oils in your skin or the moisturizers in your makeup can make your mascara smudge. Before you apply mascara, make sure your foundation, eye cream and facial cream have all had some time to soak into your skin. Finishing your makeup off with a dusting of translucent powder will help to set your makeup and absorb some of these oils, thus helping your mascara stay where it’s supposed to be.

Switch to a different brand or type of mascara

It may be that the mascara you’re using just tends to flake off. Try a different mascara from the same company or a new brand altogether, and your mascara problem may be solved as easily as that. Or the problem may be due to your lash length or curl, so a mascara your best friend swears by may simply not be the one for you.

Use a waterproof format

The waterless formula of waterproof mascaras is what makes them much more budge-proof than non-waterproof formats. You will find you have to use more makeup remover to rub it off at day’s end, though, so you may not want to go waterproof if your eyes tend to be sensitive or if you wear contact lenses.

Try gel-tube mascaras or lash extensions

A gel-tube mascara creates a tube of mascara product around each lash, which has more staying power than a regular mascara. To remove the product, simply use water to rub off the tubes. Lash extensions are another option. Faux lashes are applied individually to each of your real lashes, and the results last about three weeks. The downside? They can run upward of $200, and the process of applying the lashes is time-consuming; it can take more than two hours, depending on how many lashes are being applied.

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