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5 Traits of good team players

No matter what level you’re at, having the skills that make you a good team player are essential when it comes to moving your career forward. Here are five traits that will make you the one everyone wants on their team.

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One of the most important qualities you can have as an employee is being a good team player. Even though you’re ultimately looking out for yourself and to advance your own career, having the ability to work well with others will be part of what helps you climb that corporate ladder. But what goes into being a great team player? Here are some key characteristics that’ll earn you accolades at the office.

You’ve got great communications skills

You maintain clear and open communication with other team members. They know exactly where you stand with regards to your work and part of the current project you’re all working on. Plus, you are a good listener: You are well apprised on where everyone else stands and can discuss ways you can all work more seamlessly together to reach your goal.

You’re a solution seeker

You can roll with the punches. When unexpected issues arise, you don’t stress and panic. You assess the situation, consider what resources you have and come up with a solution that’ll help you stay on track with the project.

You have your eye on reaching your target

You’re focused on reaching the target goal set for your project. While you’re able to tackle the tactical strategies that’ll help you get there, you’re also able to maintain big-picture thinking that helps ensure you progress as necessary.

Your enthusiasm and positivity is contagious

You maintain a realistic but positive viewpoint, and your drive and passion helps stir up similar commitment from other team members. As a smoothly functioning group, you each share the commitment that helps great teams make it to the finish line. When team members work well together, the team as a whole becomes a force to be reckoned with.

You have a cooperative nature

With any team you join, you eventually fall into certain roles, and being able to be allies with your team members helps every one of you to perform your tasks better, thus improving the team’s effort to reach the goal. It becomes a give-and-take: Be there for other members to help them work through issues they may need a hand in, and you (if part of a good team) can expect that same type of support.

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