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Tips for introducing your new dog to your home

Bringing a new furry friend into your home is exciting, but it could be stressful for your dog, what with his being in a new and unfamiliar environment. Below are some tips to make your home more inviting and less intimidating for your new dog, whether he or she is a puppy or an adult.

Dog in dog bed

Have dog necessities ready

Have all your dog supplies, like dog food, feeding bowls, toys, and a bed or comfortable sleeping area, on hand and ready before you bring your furry friend home, as this will make the transition for your dog easier. Plus, you won’t need to leave your dog alone on the first day to go buy the supplies.

Doggy-proof your home

Just as parents baby-proof their homes when their toddler starts walking, you should dog-proof your home to make it safer for your new pet. This includes checking for and repairing damages, especially in fences, windows, doors and screens. As he starts to explore his new home, you want to be sure he doesn’t get into anything that could harm him. Place potentially poisonous products, like cleaning materials and even hair and makeup products, out of reach of your new dog to keep him or her safe.

Give your dog frequent “washroom” breaks

While your dog gets used to his new surroundings, be sure to take him outside often for a “washroom” break. This will give you time to learn how frequently he needs to go and will help avoid messy accidents inside your home. It will also give you the opportunity to house-train him or her.

Allow your dog time to explore

After your dog meets other family members and other pets, allow him to explore his new home on his own. This will get him used to his new environment more quickly and make him more comfortable with his surroundings.

Give your furry friend lots of time and attention

Finally, one of the best things you can do for your new resident is to give him or her lots of time and attention, especially during the first few days. This means lots of play time, walks and affection. Not only will this help ease any tension or discomfort he or she may be feeling, but it will allow your new dog to get used to you, your home and his new home.

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