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How to build a good relationship with your boss

Going to work is a whole lot more pleasant when you have a good work relationship with the person you report to. Here are some ways to help build that connection.

Impress your boss

If there’s one person you want to have a good relationship with at the office, it’s your boss. When you spend so much of your week at work, a happy work relationship with your superior makes your job that much more enjoyable. Plus, he or she has a hand in whether you get a raise or a promotion. Here are some ways you can develop a positive relationship with your boss.

Keep an open line of communication

Keeping your boss well informed of where your work stands will help make his or her job easier. It’s important to keep them in the loop so they’re aware of what you’re working on, how long the project will take and if there are any bumps in the road along the way. Your superior may need to coordinate other elements of the project, and being kept apprised of where your component of the work stands helps them to be a better manager. While they don’t need to know every minute detail, they do need to have a general idea so they can focus on the big picture and make sure the team reaches the goal that’s been set.

Connect on areas other than work

While you don’t have to become best friends with your boss (in fact, that could be a bad idea, since it might be hard taking orders from your BFF), it helps if you connect on things other than just work. It could be movies, your kids, a sport — something on a more social level so neither of you forgets that both of you are individuals with other interests outside the office. Connecting on a more personal level can also help keep your perspectives balanced — neither of you is a robot or just a cog in a machine, after all.

Find ways to do your job better

Suggesting ways to do your job better and that make your boss’s job simpler as well as help him or her look good in general is, as you might expect, a fantastic way to be seen in a good light by your superior. You don’t want to be the negative one in the team or the devil’s advocate; rather, you want to be seen as the one who can make things work better and more efficiently.

Ask for feedback

Don’t wait for your annual review to get feedback on how your boss feels about your performance. Ask your superior what they see as your strengths and what areas could be improved upon, and then work on developing those skills.

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