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Organize a yard sale

A yard sale helps you kill two birds with one stone: You get to declutter and get rid of items that are just collecting dust in your home, and you make some extra cash in the process.

Yard sale

Warm weather means it’s yard sale season once again. Why not hold one yourself and make some extra cash on items you don’t use anymore? Having a yard sale is a great way to declutter your home and make some pocket change, and it doesn’t call for tons of work. Here are some tips on how to organize a yard sale.

Get your neighbours and family involved

Your yard sale will draw more people if there are several vendors with wares for sale, so touch base with your neighbours to see if they’d like to hold one large neighbourhood yard sale. Your family could also get involved by bringing their goods and setting up a table at your section of the sale. The bonus of getting more people involved? You can share the workload of organizing it and posting signs, as well as split the cost for placing a newspaper ad.

Price your items clearly

You’ll save yourself much energy during your sale if you take the time to price all your items clearly. If you don’t, you’ll have every yard sale shopper pulling you in different directions, asking you about pricing.

Be ready to haggle

Yard sale shoppers are looking for a great deal, so brace yourself for some negotiating. Prep for it by researching the going rate for the items you are selling. Another thing that’ll make your job as a seller easier is to make sure you have a good amount of change in terms of small bills and coins before the sale, because many shoppers may have just gone to the ATM and will only have large bills to pay with.

Make it an easy and convenient shopping experience

Yard sale enthusiasts are notorious for showing up early. Plan for those early birds and have your items displayed and ready to sell an hour before the advertised start time. Be sure to display your goods in a way that they are easy to pick up and examine. Set up a table rather than lay items out on a blanket, for example, and make sure your items are well displayed. Take the time to dust them off; you want the merchandise to look appealing, after all. Also, keep a stash of bags and boxes handy to make it easy for shoppers to carry away their purchases.

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