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Get your body ready for bikini season

If you’re heading to the beach, pool or cottage soon, it’s time to get your body ready to bare from head to toe in a bikini. Here’s a checklist.

Woman in a bikini

With summer so short in Canada, it’s no surprise that we jump at the earliest chance to go for a swim or to break out sundresses and short shorts. After all, we’re bundled up in sweaters most of the year. But have you prepped your body yet so it’s ready to be exposed? Here’s a quick checklist so you can make sure you tend to every detail.

Get your skin glowing

Without regular exfoliation, dead skin cells can collect on the top layer of your skin, making for a dull appearance. And since we spend so much time bundled up, many of us get lax about exfoliation, especially during the winter months. Get into the habit of using a gentle scrub in the shower on a daily basis, and you’ll be glowing in no time.

Add colour to your pale skin

Pale, pasty skin is not a flattering look, but getting a real tan is not a good idea either. Applying a moisturizer with self-tanner in it is a simple way to build your faux golden glow gradually. (Bonus: Since you’re exfoliating, your fresh, new skin will be perfectly prepped for a self-tanning lotion).

Make your feet presentable

The flimsy, barely there sandals you’ve got in your summer shoe wardrobe place your toes and feet in the spotlight. Use a pumice stone or foot paddle on your dry, cracked skin regularly in the shower, and moisturize your feet well with a rich moisturizer afterward. Have a professional pedicure now to get your feet in good shape, and if you can afford it, book one every four to six weeks. If that’s not in your budget, applying polish to your toenails is simpler than to your hands, since you can stick to using your dominant hand. Just make sure to apply cuticle oil on a daily basis to keep them healthy and moisturized.

Tidy up your bikini area

That teeny-weeny bikini means you’ll have to do some maintenance work in the bikini area. Razors such as the Schick Quattro for Women TrimStyle make it easy to tidy up the area on your own at home, or if you prefer waxing, now’s the time to book an appointment with your aesthetician for a professional job.

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