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4 Ways to grow longer nails


Nails are part of some of the hottest accessories this summer. Here’s how to grow longer talons so you have more manicure options.

French manicure

With nail art being such a strong trend this summer, growing strong, healthy nails is a must if you want to experiment with different looks all season. Plus, if you want to try some of the new nail shapes (longer nails are on trend, with a pointy or almond-shaped tip), growing your nails past the short, square oval that’s been de rigueur for a while will also be at the top of your to-do list. Many of us are plagued with nails that start to split at the sides before we can grow them to any length, but these four strategies will help you get the talons you want.

Apply a nail-strengthening product regularly

If you regularly apply a nail-strengthening product (about every other day) to your nails, your diligence will pay off. These products contain ingredients such as keratin, protein and calcium, all of which will boost the durability of your nails.

Take biotin supplements

This water-soluble B-vitamin complex is proven to increase nail thickness. (Bonus: Biotin is said to help increase hair growth too). Note, too, that biotin is in certain foods, such as egg yolks and wheat bran.

Get a soak-off gel manicure, such as Shellac

When your nails are prettied up with a gorgeous Shellac nail colour (or a similar product, such as Entity, Artistic Color Gloss or Gelish), you’ll be less inclined to bite them or do anything else that’ll damage them. In fact, your being more careful with your nails and keeping them out of harm’s way means less chance of them breaking or splitting. What’s more, the coating of a soak-off gel nail colour will also help add heft and strength to the entire nail bed, making your nails less likely to break than if they were bare.

Adopt a healthy-nail routine

You need to change your day-to-day habits if you’re typically not too careful with your nails but want them to gain some length. Wear gloves when washing the dishes. Washing your hands and getting your nails wet in general can weaken nails and make them brittle, so be sure to apply a rich hand-and-nail moisturizer each time you do to help counteract this.

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