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Be productive: Stimulating ideas for your home office decor

Having a home office can be a blessing, but it can also be a challenge. How do you keep yourself productive and on task when the rest of your home and life is calling you? Keep your home office a stimulating and inspired space with these suggestions.

Home office design

Invest in a comfortable chair and functional desk

Working from an uncomfortable chair will only lead to tense muscles, fatigue and stress, so find a supportive yet comfy chair for your home office to help you stay energized and productive. Outfit your office with a desk that is suitable, functional and an appropriate size to ensure you will be happy and comfortable while working at it for extended periods of time.

Keep your space clean and uncluttered

A dirty or cluttered space can be an unyielding source of frustration! Piles of paper, folders, books and the like cluttering up your space will only stress you out instead of motivating you to work, so nip that problem in the bud by using desk and room organizers.

  • Set up a filing cabinet and bookshelf for practical storage. Use baskets and bins for extra storage.
  • Hang a pretty bulletin board for messages and personal notes.
  • For visual appeal, use coordinating stackable drawers and trays to keep loose papers tucked away. A matching desk caddy will mean you’ll never waste time searching for a pen again.

Add a punch of colour

Surrounding yourself with the right colour is a well-known way to enhance your mood, so pick a colour that will help boost your productivity. Use the colour around the room to create the mood you want to evoke; paint a focal wall, hang curtains or add throw pillows, artwork and desk accessories in your choice of colour. Steer clear of bright shades, and use warmer, muted hues instead. Here are three office-friendly colours to try:

  • Orange is great for spiking creativity and energy.
  • Red is stimulating and may enhance conversation and boost energy levels.
  • Green promotes balance and intellectual pursuits.

Use aromatherapy

Essential oils will awaken your senses and boost productivity. Try these three oils to add fragrance to your office:

  • Basil oil will help focus the mind and reduce mental fatigue.
  • Peppermint is known to improve accuracy and keep you fully awake.
  • Grapefruit oil will revive the mind and boost happiness.

Personalize it

Keep your office space visually and mentally stimulating by adding your own personal touches.

  • Add a group of favourite family photos in matching frames to a wall.
  • Place a vase of fresh flowers on the desk or bookshelf.
  • Add a few interesting plants to bring life and beauty to your space.
  • Create a nice focal point by adding a row of black-and-white photos to a wall. Cities of the world or nature scenes are good choices.
  • Words have power; frame a favourite motivational saying, or stencil one on the wall in view of your desk.

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