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Practical patio furniture

Finding the right furniture for your patio isn’t always easy. There are a lot more factors to consider when choosing patio items than for items inside your home. But with the right patio furniture, you can enjoy a stylish backyard all summer long.

Outdoor patio table

When selecting patio furniture, there are some important elements to consider. Can it be left out in the rain? Can it be easily stored during the winter months? What kind of entertaining do you plan to do outside? How important is style to you versus practicality? These and many more questions need to be answered before you invest in patio furniture. Fortunately, however, furniture and home stores are coming up with a variety of solutions for every need, so you’ll have an easier time finding the ideal backyard setup for you and your family.

For casual entertaining

If you plan to use your backyard as a place for casual drinks with friends, Ikea’s bar table and bar stools may be just what you’re looking for. They take up relatively little space and are low on the maintenance scale. Because of the small size of both the table and chairs, they can easily be placed in a shed or covered by a water repellent tarp.

For relaxed lounging

Whether you use your patio for entertaining guests or for simply reading in the great outdoors, having a cushioned furniture set is both comfortable and convenient. Something along the lines of Sears’ Beaumont 4-Piece Conversation Set is a great choice to relax on and enjoy those warm summer days. The all-weather wicker resin is sturdy and simple to wipe down, while the cushions can easily be stored indoors.

For dinnertime

There’s nothing quite like having a family dinner out on the patio on a warm summer night. And doing so is a whole lot easier when you have the right dining set for it. Canadian Tire offers many durable tables in a variety of sizes and styles so you can find the right one for your outdoor space. For easy storage to keep your dining set looking new for as long as possible, pair your table with stackable patio chairs.

For a small space

If you’re working with a small backyard space, you probably don’t want your dining set to take up your entire patio. Fortunately Ikea’s drop-leaf table allows you to select the size of your dining area depending on your needs. And it takes up very little space when you’re not entertaining so you can use your backyard for other activities. You can also buy a wood stain to reglaze the table and keep it fresh if it begins to fade. In addition, Ikea has folding chairs that can be easily stored out of sight.

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