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Tips for making your home cozier for guests

When you have friends or family over, it’s only natural to want your home to seem as inviting as possible. Create a cozy and welcoming space for your guests with this simple guide.


Make use of candles

When you rely on the natural light of candles rather than harsh, artificial sources, you can quickly create a cozier environment. Granted, it isn’t always possible or even desirable to light an entire room with candles, but when dinnertime comes around, treat your guests to a candlelight dinner. Dimming the overhead lights and lighting a few candles will create a warm, more intimate ambience.

Involve natural light

Nothing opens up a space like drawing the curtains back and letting the light stream in. Even if you’re in an area of the home that doesn’t get a lot of light or it happens to be nighttime, creating that connection with the outside world makes a space seem warmer and more inviting. So pull up those blinds, draw back those curtains and you’re sure to provide your guests with a more welcoming atmosphere.

Add some plants

Adding a little bit of life to your decor literally brings life to the space. Having a plant or two on end tables or in the corners of a room creates a sense that the space nurtures and allows for growth. If you don’t have a green thumb, go for plants such as hoyas, which require very little care but still look beautiful. Or if that still seems challenging, pick out a realistic-looking artificial bouquet to decorate your space.

Incorporate scent

It’s only normal when we spend so much time living in our homes that rooms take on less-desirable odours. And a room that causes you to wrinkle your nose is anything but cozy. Think of those smells that make you feel welcome in a space, and see if you can incorporate them into your home when you know guests are coming. Fresh flowers, food cooking and spurts of citrus are all refreshing and enjoyable scents that can be easily achieved either naturally or through your favourite artificial air-freshening method.

Tend to all needs

Help guests feel at ease by tending to their needs without them having to ask. Consider placing small bowls of snacks or candies around your home should they happen to get hungry. Invest in a water dispenser or decorative lidded pitcher that you can place in a central location with a few glasses in case of thirst. This way your guests can feel as though they are at home and not worry that they’re being a burden by asking for too much. By putting them at ease, you’ll ensure that your home is as cozy and inviting as possible!

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