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DIY budget-friendly wedding crafts

A wedding can bring about all kinds of unexpected costs. And those costs can quickly turn exciting planning into a stressful situation. Have fun and save money by incorprating a few DIY elements into your wedding plans.

Table numbersMake your own programs

Having over 100 programs professionally designed and printed can quickly add up and cost you a small fortune. Instead, consider making them yourself. All you need is a paper cutter, your favourite font and a large pack of card stock. If you have a heavy-duty printer, you can print them off at home, but otherwise, printing them at an office supply store, where the printer is less likely to jam, may be a good idea. Decorate programs with ribbons, clip art, cut-outs or any other items that catch your eye in your favourite craft store.

Create table numbers

There’s no point in buying table numbers when there are so many creative and inexpensive options you can do yourself. Martha Stewart offers downloadable templates for you to use or even just to get your creative juices flowing. For a really special touch, consider attaching the decorative numbers to frames containing a picture of the happy couple. Each table can have a different picture to give guests something to look for.

Wedding candy favorsPut your gifts together yourself

Depending on what you choose to give away as your guests’ gifts, you can do some of the packaging yourself and save money in the process. If you’re giving away chocolate or candies, consider getting a large stretch of fabric and cutting it into small squares. Place a handful of candy on a square, and tie the fabric securely with a ribbon. You can place a clear elastic under the ribbon for extra security. Assembling your gifts yourself can save you a good deal on gift costs.

Give them something to talk about

As a fun way to get conversations started at tables, make envelopes for each table that contain facts and questions about the bride and groom. It’s a great icebreaker and adds a cute touch to each and every table.

Create your own photo booth

Nowadays it’s a popular trend to have a photo booth for your guests to take pictures in. Unfortunately renting one can cost well over a thousand dollars. Save yourself some money, and offer your guests just as much fun by creating your own photo booth. Set up a digital camera on a tripod, facing a blank wall. You can even hang a sign over the wall saying “photo booth” so no one is confused. For some extra fun, set up a small white board with pens and an eraser so guests can write a message for the bride and groom. You can also provide a costume chest full of funny hats, feather boas, goofy glasses and more so folks can get all dressed up.

Make it fun

Just because you decide to make your wedding as budget-friendly as possible doesn’t mean you have to feel like you’re a slave to DIY tasks. That’s why you have a bridal party! Crafts are lots of fun when you break out some snacks and drinks, play good music and gather a group of close friends. Throw a DIY party, and you’re sure to save some money and have a whole lot of fun!

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