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The season’s hottest summer dresses


Ladies, it’s time to go summer dress shopping! And with styles as cute and sexy as these, finding the perfect look for you will be unbelievably easy.

Woman in summer dress

Natural waist

Whether you’re a lover of a pencil bottom, an A-line look or a bubble finish, there is sure to be a natural-waisted option. Highlighting your natural waistline is a clever way to give yourself the perfect hourglass shape. Some dresses have a built-in elastic, others incorporate a wraparound cord and still others rely on a tightly fitted seam. If none of those seems to do the trick, add your own belt to create the style yourself. Whichever look you prefer, there are hundreds of options that will have you looking sexy and ladylike this season.

H&M lace dressLace

Lace comes in all forms this summer. Whether you’re looking for a sexy, tight-fitted ensemble or a flirty, flowing style, there is a lace dress for you. H & M’s powder pink lace dress is super cute and sexy to boot!


Horizontal stripes add a structured yet relaxed quality to cotton dresses. White and blue stripes make for a great nautical feel. Or you can opt for any number of bright colours, such as nectarine and magenta, which are incredibly popular this summer.

Large prints

Prints of all kinds are covering dresses from top to bottom this summer. Flowers and feathers are showing up in big shapes that add style without looking too busy. Or for a more daring ensemble, try an animal print. Tribal prints are also particularly in this summer and come in either varied bold hues or monochromatic tones.

Zara peplum dressPeplum

By definition, peplum is a strip of fabric that is either gathered or pleated at the waist of a woman’s jacket. This season, peplum is showing up not just on jackets, but on shirts and dresses as well. The flare out from the waist is particularly suited for women with a straight figure, because it adds shape that might not otherwise be apparent. Zara’s pink peplum dress could be just the elegant and fashion-forward look you’re going for.

Rosy tones

Pale pinks, perky peaches and crisp corals are lining the racks this season. These flirty tones can be accessorized to come off as either adorably cute or downright daring. These hues can work with every skin tone, depending on the exact color you choose. Not sure if pink shades are right for you? Forever 21’s flowy lace coral dress is a great medium hue, and the style just happens to be the perfect way to welcome summer!

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