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Blush basics


If you want to instantly look more alive and awake, the makeup product of choice is definitely blush. Brush up on your blush application here, and brighten up your entire look in just a few sweeps.

Applying blush

What makeup product can make you look younger and more refreshed? If you guessed blush, you’re right. Adding a flush to the cheeks is an instant pick-me-up for your appearance. Learn how to apply it expertly here for a natural, glowing, healthy look.

Use the right brush for the job

Most of us reach for a big, fluffy, oversized brush to dust blush onto our cheeks. While that big fluffy brush feels fantastic as it touches our skin, the size and design of it actually wastes a lot of the product, dispersing much of it into the air (and if you spent a bundle on your blush, you sure don’t want that!). Instead, use a medium-sized brush with soft bristles; you can sweep blush onto your cheeks where you want it more precisely and without wasting any product.

Don’t be afraid to use blush and contour (or bronzer)

In the summer, many women switch to bronzer or to contouring and skip the blush, but a subtle pink flush to the cheeks can add a healthy glow to your appearance, and it helps to soften the contouring you’ve applied. Same goes for bronzer: If you’ve dusted golden bronzer onto the high points of your face, where the sun would hit, a pretty pink or coral cheek still looks fantastic.

Try a cream blush in the warm summer months

If you normally use powder blush, consider trying a cream or gel blush in the summer. Our skin tends to be more naturally dewy and moist during these warm months, and a gel or cream blusher can emphasize this and look really natural and pretty. Dab on a bit with your fingers, then blend outward. Gel blush can sometimes dry quickly, so start out sparingly; you can always add more if you find you need more colour.

Apply your blush to look like you’re fresh in from the cold

For the most part, we apply blush to the apples of the cheeks in an upward motion toward the temples. For a more youthful take on blush — one that wil make you look like you’ve been out in the cold or flushed from working out at the gym — apply blush a bit lower on your cheek in a circular shape.

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