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Best bags for travelling

Picking the right bag before you head out to travel is crucial. When you make the right choice, you are more likely to enjoy a comfortable, stress-free and well-organized vacation.

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For backpackers

If you plan to backpack, you definitely don’t want to skimp on the bag you bring. Backpacking bags are scientifically structured to place the weight on you in a way that makes it most manageable to carry. They are also made differently for men and women to accommodate their different physical structures. Something along the lines of the Deuter Quantum is great because it has two openings to the main bag for easy access, and it incorporates a detachable daybag for sightseeing. In addition, it offers a transport bag that protects the straps and buckles anytime it needs to be checked in on a plane, and it can carry up to 70 pounds. The best way to find your perfect backpack is to visit a couple of travel stores and get the help of a knowledgeable employee. Ask questions, and try on as many bags as you need to until you feel totally secure in your selection.

As a convenient carry-on

Picking the right bag to take with you on the plane is important because it’s all you will have with you over the course of the flight. It is wise to select a bag that is comfortable to manage, since you may be hauling it around the airport for a lengthy chunk of time. A bag with lots of pockets is beneficial because it will make grabbing what you need easier to do. A small backpack, satchel or well-structured travel purse is ideal.

Protecting your assets

In some areas of the world, being a tourist can make you seem like an easy target. The fact that you may not know the language, area or what resources are available to you can draw the attention of those with harmful intentions. Pickpocketing and bag-snatching is a problem many tourists face. Fortunately there are clever options, such as the three-way theft-proof bag, which can help ensure important items like your wallet and passport stay in your possession. The bag has steel cables in the strap and a slice-proof panel on the zipper. It’s also designed with many hidden pockets within to keep your important documents tucked away. For added security, consider getting a money belt that wraps around your torso under your clothes to hold your most important items.

As your checked bag

If you plan to be away for a while, make sure you have room for all your necessities. It is also ideal that your bag be convenient to move around and well structured in case you don’t have the means of fully unpacking and have to live out of your suitcase. Samsonite’s Sahora Brights is adjustable in size, features several compartments and has a convenient rolling mechanism for easy transportation.

Happy travelling!

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