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How to land your new career by highlighting past jobs

Have you been a part-time worker for a while now and are looking to make the transition to a full-time position? Proving your worth in the resume and interview process can seem challenging, but you are likely more qualified than you think. Here are just a few of the ways past part-time jobs can give you the exact qualifications you need.

Costumer service in clothing shop

Customer service representative

Whether it was in a video store, a coffee shop or a clothing boutique, having experience in the field of customer service can give you a lot of credibility as a potential employee if explained the right way. As a CSR, you have interacted with and helped out all kinds of people, so highlight your ability to listen to others and to find ways to help whenever possible. You can also stress your ability to work within a team of CSRs in addition to your taking initiative to help out a customer in need whenever necessary.

Fast food worker

Working at your local Harvey’s or McDonald’s may not seem like the most glamorous job, but it says a lot about the kind of worker you are. It shows you are able to do whatever is necessary to get the job done. It also indicates you are able to navigate within a small space and deal with a stressful environment. Your ability to handle cash indicates you are responsible and trustworthy.


As a server, you work in an extremely fast-paced environment with a lot of moving pieces. Doing your job properly requires solid communication with your team as well as an ability to focus on the requests of your customers. You are constantly keeping different orders in your mind while simultaneously paying attention to what is going on around you. This shows you can take on many tasks at once and still keep a level head.


Everyone has experienced the challenges that come with caring for kids. So explaining to a potential employer that you have spent the past few years facing the exhaustion of child care can win you a lot of points. Emphasize such skills as coming up with creative activities, holding the attention of an easily distracted audience and being responsible for yourself and the well-being of others.


Sure, no one is a big fan of getting telemarketing calls, but that’s exactly why you can highlight yourself as the strong person you are. It takes a lot of confidence to deal with rejection and tough people all day. Emphasize what a patient and hard-working individual you are. Working with phones and computers is also a strength you learned from the job, so highlight those skills as well whenever applicable.

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