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A simple way to get a whole new green beauty collection

Concerned about the products you use on your skin and whether the ingredients are potentially harmful? A new campaign from Sierra Club Canada may be what you’re looking for.

Woman applying makeup

Shopping for cosmetics and skin-care products used to be simple. But nowadays, with so many ingredients deemed potentially harmful, it’s become more and more confusing to navigate the beauty aisle. What does “natural” mean? Should you opt for something “organic”? What are all those ingredients that sound like chemicals, and should you be concerned about any of them?

Thanks to a new partnership by Sierra Club Canada, things will be clearer for teens. The organization has partnered with certified-natural and organic skin care company Weleda and other natural beauty companies to create the Healthy Beauty for Life campaign.

Natural beauty

The campaign focuses on educating young women about the benefits of using natural beauty and personal-care products. In your teens, you start to use more beauty products and to explore the range that’s available. In fact, the average female teenager uses 15 to 25 cosmetics and personal-care products each day, says Sierra Club Canada. Teenagers’ skin is more vulnerable to chemicals, which can lead to serious health issues, such as hormone disruptions, allergies, eczema and cancer.

“We started this campaign at Sierra Club Canada Foundation because we believe that parents and teens should be aware that teens are more sensitive to chemicals as they develop,” says Laura Woodward, Healthy Beauty for Life campaign coordinator from Sierra Club Canada. “Many conventional cosmetic and personal care products contain hormone-altering chemicals. Development during the teenage years is accelerated; it is a key time in the healthy growth of reproductive, adrenal, an immune systems. Hormones are crucial to the proper development of teens, as it guides their growth during this time. Even small changes in hormone levels may affect the transition from child to adult.”

Non-toxic beauty kits

As part of the Healthy Beauty for Life campaign, offered are non-toxic beauty kits that contain a wealth of information so women can learn how to make healthy choices when it comes to buying products to use on their skin. Available through the Sierra Club Canada website, the kit comes in a reusable tote bag and contains products from such companies as Bare Organics, Dr. Hauschka, EccoBella, Eco Tools, Ella’s Botanicals, Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques, Lilou Organics, Revolution Organics, Zosimos Botanicals and, of course, Weleda. (The kit contains Weleda’s popular Skin Food, a rich body cream that benefits dry, rough skin thanks to plant extracts, including organic pansy, camomile and calendula.)

Available as a Basic kit ($20) or Deluxe ($50 and in which you get four more products than in the Basic version), the kits offer significant savings in terms of retail value, as the contents of each total more than $250. It’s actually a very simple way any woman of any age can give her makeup and personal-care products a complete green overhaul.

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