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Items in your makeup bag that need to go

It’s natural to want to hold on to old products or tools even if we know they are past their prime. But doing so can leave your makeup bag a mess and prone to deteriorating products. Here we share a list of items that simply must go.

Makeup bag

Loose brushes

Your face is exposed to a lot over the course of a day, so it makes sense that you should aim to reduce the irritants that come into contact with it. When old brushes are floating around in your makeup case, they pick up loads of dirt and bacteria, and you wind up spreading those irritants all over your face. To avoid this, keep your brushes covered or in a small zip-lock bag, and regularly sanitize them with a brush cleaner. If a brush or two you’ve had for several years seem to be permanently covered in dirt, fluff, hair or grime, it’s time to let them go and find yourself a new set.

Expired products

Makeup products expire far more quickly than you may realize, and when they are past their prime, they do more harm than good. Professionals differ on how long different makeup should be kept, but according to Marie Claire you should aim to replace lip products such as lipstick and liner every year or so. Powders and shadows should be replaced every two years while cream shadows can stick around for 12 to 18 months. Mascaras and eyeliners have the shortest life expectancy and should be replaced every three months. These are, of course, just general guidelines, but if you notice your makeup isn’t staying in place as long as it used to or that your skin is being affected, it may be time to invest in some fresh products.

Broken items

Many makeup items and their containers are more fragile than we would like, and that can leave a makeup case full of cracked lip glosses, shattered eyeshadows and bent mascara combs. You might be keeping these items because they are your favourite shades or you’re worried you may need them right after you throw them out. But the fact is, broken products are more likely to cause a frustrating mess than be useful beauty items. If you aren’t quite ready to part ways yet, keep items you can’t let go of in a drawer at home for a month. If within that month you find you need an item, consider transferring it to a new container that won’t create a messy disaster. Otherwise, it’s time to say goodbye for good.

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