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Budget-friendly ways to update your bathroom

You might know your bathroom is in need of an update but aren’t ready to rip out the sink, toilet and tub to start all over again. If you feel you want a change but want to avoid going into debt for it, try some of these simple tricks to update your bathroom in a totally budget-friendly way.

Bathroom decor

Change the shower curtain

The shower curtain is often the most noticeable item in your bathroom — and it tends to get changed very rarely. An old or unstylish curtain can detract from a bathroom’s potential and leave it looking dirty and unkempt. If a good run through the wash isn’t enough to make it look presentable, it may be time to track down a new one. Your best bet is to go for one that has two sheets of fabric. The inner piece of fabric is typically white or clear. It is waterproof and stays on the inside of the tub or shower to keep water in. The other side is the decorative side that adds colour and personality to the room, so you definitely want to be careful in your selection. You can find shower curtains at virtually any home decor or department store, so look around until you find one that’s just right. Or for a fun project and some added personality, consider creating your very own DIY shower curtains!

Try out new shower hooks

The hooks your shower curtain hangs from don’t have to be ugly or boring. The right ones can add a lot of personality to the room. They come in all sorts of colours, and some even feature designs on them for added style. So toss those old, mildew-covered shower hooks that have been in your shower for far too long, and snag yourself a jazzy new set.

Pick a new light fixture

Generally speaking, the light fixtures in other rooms of the house are picked more carefully than the one in the bathroom. We often don’t give it much thought and just leave it as is. But where’s the fun in that? Investing in an inexpensive light fixture is a great way to brighten up the space and give it a little life from top to bottom. Bathrooms tend to be relatively small and usually don’t have high ceilings, so stay away from large or dangly fixtures. Other than that one consideration, though, the lighting aisle at your local home store is your oyster!

Snag a new mirror

Whether you’re brushing your teeth, washing your face or doing your hair, you look at the mirror in your bathroom virtually every day. So why look at one with an ugly trim or grimy surface? Mirrors can run a little more expensive than some other bathroom accessories, but you don’t have to buy the priciest one. Gorgeous modern or antique mirrors pop up in garage sales and in online auctions every day, so hunt for one that will liven up your decor!

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