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Hairstyling dos and don’ts

With so many hairstyle options, it can be tempting to try something wild and daring. And though experimentation with your do can sometimes turn out incredibly successful, some looks are just bound to flop. Make sure your new look is eye-catching in all the right ways by following these simple dos and don’ts.

Beautiful hair

Do go for volume

There’s no denying that a full-looking head of hair is preferable to a dull, flat look. But how a girl gets that volume depends on the person. For many, a simple blow-dry with a round brush does the trick. But if you need a little extra help, don’t be afraid to lightly hairspray your locks and gently tease the roots with a fine-tooth comb.

Don’t over-tease

Let’s accept it, ladies: Though the Snooki poof may have been “in” at one point, it was never a particularly attractive look. Yet it still seems to be lurking around and popping up from time to time. Although adding a little bit of volume to flowing locks or giving an up-do some extra oomph is certainly desirable, a true poof or overly teased look tends to just look silly. If you have created a bump that is over an inch high or teased your locks so much that they bear resemblance to Tarzan’s do, it’s time to re-evaluate.

Do make use of products

There are certain traits nature graced us with and some that require a little more effort. But that’s what hair products are for! Don’t be afraid to ask your girlfriends or aquaintances how they get their hair the way they do. The only true way to find the perfect style for you is trial and error. So get a few opinions on what products work for others, and give them a whirl. There’s no guarantee that what works for someone else will work for you, but what’s the harm in testing out a sample? Some people swear by hairspray, others prefer mousse and many simply rely on specific shampoos and conditioners. There’s something for everyone, so experiment a little.

Don’t let products be the highlight

Although any stylish look is bound to need the assistance of a product or two, having products be overly noticeable can detract from your work. Use gels or creams sparingly so they add style without being visible. And aim to tuck bobby pins well under hair wherever possible. Even though fellow hair connoisseurs will know it took some time, if your look is done properly, all the average joe will see is effortless beauty.

Do experiment

Styles don’t become popular out of nowhere; they depend on someone experimenting and stumbling across a cool new look. This doesn’t mean everything you try will automatically be a winner, but being open to experimentation is certainly worthwhile. Next time you have a half-hour to kill, plop yourself down in front of a mirror, and have fun trying out different styles you’ve seen on your friends or in magazines. Depending on your face shape and hair quality, certain trends will work better. Have fun with it, and you’re sure to find a whole new way to style your locks!

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