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How to pick your perfect “go-to” pair of shoes

Now that it’s spring, you can finally leave those oversized boots in the closet and find yourself a gorgeous pair of “go-to” shoes. Great! But are you feeling stuck when it comes to picking out the pair that’s just right? This guide will help you get a sense of which kind of shoe will be absolutely perfect for you.

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Start with height

A huge part of picking out the right pair of emergency shoes is knowing what you like and are comfortable in. If you adore strutting around in 3-inch heels, then you will probably want a nice pair of stilettos as your wear-everywhere shoes. But if you prefer comfort and a more casual look, then keep your eyes peeled for flats or sandals. It’s important to be honest with yourself and pick something out you know you will be comfortable wearing on a daily basis. If you get a pair of ultra-high heels then find you have trouble walking in them, chances are you won’t feel comfortable relying on them as an emergency pair. Similarly, if you get a pair of lower-heel shoes when you feel more confident in higher heels, you may not feel inclined to slip them on when you’re in a pinch, and then you’re back to square one. Take a look at the shoes you already own: Do you prefer wearing flats, a low heel or a high heel? Once you have that question answered, you are ready to begin!

Consider colour

You want to ensure your “go-to” shoes suit as many styles as possible, but that can mean different things to different people. If you tend to wear neutral tones and like for your shoes to be the statement of your ensemble, then the colour and style of shoes you select are wide open. However, if you wear a variety of colours and want your shoes to be able to go with all of them, opt for white, brown, grey, black or nude shoes. And remember: Just because your shoes go with everything doesn’t mean they have to be boring! Metallics such as gold, silver or bronze complement virtually every shade as well, so don’t be afraid to look for shoes that feature metallic accents or details.

Look for versatility

Ultimately you want to make sure the shoes you pick will be just what you need for the majority of your outfits. So if you love to wear dark-hued pantyhose, a pair of peep toes or sandals is probably not the right choice. Similarly, if you work in a precarious environment, a wide heel or no heel at all is likely better than a stiletto. Before you invest in your “go-to” pair of shoes, make sure you have a true sense of what you will be wearing them with and where they will be going, so you can guarantee you will always want to slip them on!

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