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Inexpensive ways to jazz up your bedroom

You spend a lot of time in your bedroom, so it’s natural that you want it to be as inviting and stylish as possible. If you’re starting to feel as though your bedroom simply doesn’t reflect who you are as a person anymore, maybe it’s time for a change. Update your space without breaking the bank with these simple, inexpensive ideas.

Romantic bedroom

Change the light fixture

A light fixture is in many ways the centrepiece of a room, but it often gets little care and attention. Once a light fixture is installed, people tend to leave it there for years even if it doesn’t go with the decor particularly well. But there are plenty of bright and stylish light fixtures that can quickly jazz up your space, so look around to find something new and exciting.

Add curtains

Fabric can quickly add style and personality to a room, and curtains are an excellent way to do so. They come in a wide variety of colours, patterns and textures, so you can customize them to your needs perfectly.

Create a theme

Allow us to clarify here: By no means does your space have to seem as though you’re on a tropical island or in the centre of a major city. When it comes to adult rooms, a theme is simply a way of pulling everything together. You may find your room already leans toward a certain theme. Perhaps you gravitate toward navy blue picture frames or decorations that are a little frilly. Try to take whichever style you feel most connected to and amplify it. Keep an eye out for pieces that would work within that theme, and add some extra life to the place. You may be surprised by how nice it is to feel as though everything in your room is working together to create one beautiful experience.

Switch up the duvet

In the majority of bedrooms, a large portion of the space is taken up by the bed — and that’s a whole lot of duvet. If you feel your room is a bit boring or outdated, a bold new duvet is an easy but effective way to change things up. One super-inexpensive way to do this is to simply buy a new cover to go over the old one. Duvet covers come in virtually every design you can think of, so you’re sure to find one that inspires you. You may even find that the colour you pick spurs you to pick out more decorations that emphasize the theme in your bedroom.

Invest in a signature piece

Every room needs a focal point. And though you don’t want to break the bank by purchasing everything brand new, investing in one signature piece that accentuates the flow of the room can be just what you need to see your bedroom in a new way. Perhaps an antique headboard will make all the difference. Or maybe an original piece of artwork is more your style. Whatever it is, find something that allows you to fall in love with your room all over again.

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