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How to better organize your bathroom

Many things wind up crammed into a bathroom. Makeup products, beauty treatments and a variety of medications often find their way into cluttered piles on countertops, behind cupboard doors and along the sides of bathtubs. Here we help you figure out how to turn your bathroom from a disorganized mess into a well-structured space.

Purple bathroom

Divide and conquer

First off, get an idea of where everything belongs in your bathroom. Products you use in the shower on a daily basis are probably best kept there, while those you require for your regular sink activities should find a place in that area. Medications will need their own space, and beauty products used less often could likely benefit from their own spot as well. Take anything in your bathroom that is not cemented down and place it in a pile. Toss or donate items you don’t see yourself using in the next year or those things you acknowledge are not necessary. You will be left with a pile of items you need to find the best place for in your bathroom. Separate these items into the places they should be kept (i.e., in the shower, inside a cupboard, near the sink, inside the medicine cabinet, etc.).

Create additional storage

A bathroom begins to look messy when there simply isn’t enough storage space to hold all your odds and ends. Now that you have eliminated the junk, you can begin to organize and store your necessary items. If you don’t feel you have enough space for everything, consider what you can add to the space to make organizing possible. You can start with small additions, such as inexpensive shelves, containers or drawers that would offer more levels to your cupboard space. Or hang a shower rack from the shower head, where you can keep shampoos, conditioners, soaps, razors and more. If you don’t find these small changes to be enough, think about adding a medicine cabinet or small wall-supported shelf. You could also opt for a shelving unit that fits over the toilet. There are many ways to create additional storage without detracting from the style of the room or limiting its space.

Consider other options

If you have exhausted all possible avenues for adding storage space to your bathroom and still don’t feel it can hold everything in an organized manner, it may be time to move some less important items to another place altogether. If you have a shelf in a hall closet that is empty, perhaps it could hold extra towels, bath products and medications used less often. Anything you don’t require on a daily or weekly basis doesn’t need to be constantly within your grasp, so if you have to find additional storage in the name of organization, do it.

Enjoy what you’ve created

The bathroom is an important part of your home. It is a place for getting yourself ready in a hurry or for relaxing in a warm bubble bath after a long day. But it’s hard to do those things when you’re rummaging through bins and knocking items off counters. So take the time to create storage space and organize your bathroom, and you’ll be surprised how much better you feel because of it!

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