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Beach-day hairstyles

Whether you’re spending time at the cottage or on a beach, you need to have a few go-to summer-friendly hairstyles. Here are some simple hairdos that’ll take you right through to fall.

Beach hair

The mercury’s rising, and that means it’s time to bone up on some simple yet stylish hairstyles for the days you’ll be lounging by the water this summer. Here are four styles you can rotate all season long.

Sleek and slicked back

A streamlined wet look with your hair simply combed back is ideal for the summer, as you can quickly pull it together after emerging from the pool or lake (in fact, the style is a slick version of what your hair looks like when getting out of the pool). After rinsing out your hair, comb it straight back using a wide-tooth comb to detangle it (this look works only if you don’t have bangs). Then work a small amount of flexible-hold gel through your hair, and comb it back again.

Casual, loose braid

Had a decadent morning sleeping in and just don’t feel like shampooing your hair? Not a problem, as braiding your hair will help you look pulled together. In fact, braiding actually works better on hair that is not squeaky clean (slightly dirty hair is less slippery and holds a braid better). Pull hair back or to one side of your head, then braid it. Tie the end with an elastic, and then loosen the braid up a bit with your hands to give it a slightly deconstructed look.


Keeping an elastic and a bobby pin or two handy in your beach bag is a good idea. Pull hair up into a ponytail on the top of your head, then twist the ponytail until it starts to twist into itself. Secure it in place with a bobby pin. Don’t worry about it looking perfect; this style is supposed to have a laissez-faire look.

Loose waves

Lazy summer days call for unfussy hair, not for spending an hour blow-drying your locks every morning. For hair you can practically hop out of bed and go with, at night, spritz hair with water so it’s slightly damp, then create about three big, loose braids on each part of your head. Sleep with your hair in braids. In the morning, undo the braids and comb through with your fingers for loose, undone-looking waves.

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