Backyard lighting solutions

Your backyard is a special haven to enjoy a break from your hectic day and just relax while spending valuable time with those you love. But is it in desperate need of a pick-me-up? Take it from drab to fab with the use of lighting!

Outdoor patio

The right backyard illumination will improve the overall appeal of your yard, help create a fun, usable outdoor space and even add an element of security to your home. Lighting can be a perfect accent to a focal point such as a water feature or flower garden, while it can also be used to increase the functionality of a patio or deck. With several lighting solutions available, it’s easy to pick the ones that are right for you.

Candles and torches

The use of candles isn’t limited to the dining room or master bedroom! Consider how you use candles in your home to provide low, ambient light while creating a soothing environment. The same techniques can be used in the exterior of your home. Common sense dictates that burning candles or torches should never be left unattended, so keep them close by.

  • Large pillar candles placed in clear hurricanes will brighten up a patio space.
  • Small tea lights or votives placed in glass jars around a deck add warm, soft, low light. Use citronella candles to keep the mosquitoes at bay.
  • Tiki torches are a fun, party-inspired choice for lighting in your yard. They are generally cost-effective and add an element of height to your lighting, so place them around the yard to light it up and add a festive appeal.

Solar-powered lights

Solar lights in various shapes and sizes are a popular choice for highlighting an outdoor living space. They can be left out year-round and generate enough solar power to gently — and energy-efficiently — light up a yard for hours.

  • Solar-powered floodlights or path lights are a perfect choice for anywhere in the yard, especially deeper areas that are removed from sources of electricity, pathways or for highlighting water features such as fountains or pools.
  • A solar power lamp is a great option for a free-standing light.
  • Solar lights are available as patio lanterns, which is a fun way to illuminate trees, pillars and pergolas.

Electric lights

  • This choice of lighting is available in many forms but will need to be close to a source of electricity.
  • Rope lights. A row of lights completely wrapped in a clear tube is a nice option to tuck under or near a railing or wooden structure. They are also great for lining stairways or other hard surfaces.
  • String lights. Imagine the sparkle of the holiday season all year-round! Add string lights to trees, planted pots, hard structures such as gazebos or pergolas, and keep your space twinkling all summer long.

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