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Themes for decorating your guest bedroom

Are you finding your guest bedroom a little boring and uninspiring? You want your spare room to be a space you love to look at and your friends love to stay in. Give it some extra energy and life by decorating it in one of these fun themes.

Country living bedroom

Country chic

In Canada we are often surrounded by one-of-a-kind artisans’ shows and country fairs. We walk by row upon row of handcrafted carvings and personally woven blankets. But without a space in which to put them, we often end up simply admiring and moving on. Now that you have an extra space in your home that needs decorating, seize the opportunity to snatch up all those pieces you’ve been eyeing, and give your guest bedroom a cottage feel. Bright quilts, plaid drapes, wooden picture frames and cute paraphernalia can all play a role. It’s sure to be a space your guests will feel at home in!

Your favourite nation

Is there a certain place you constantly desire to go back to or a country you want to visit for the first time? A guest room can be the perfect opportunity to have fun creating your own little version of that place right in your own home. Whether that country is France, India or Peru, you finally have a chance to collect all those decorations you never had a place for and give them new life in a brand new space.

The colour of your choosing

Is there a particular colour you have always wanted to use in your room but found it too bold or didn’t feel it would go with the rest of your bedroom decor? Don’t sit in that disappointment any longer! Let your guest bedroom be that bright space you couldn’t create elsewhere. Be bold in your selection of wall colour, drapery fabric and duvet pattern. Whatever you do, have fun with it!

Nature’s space

The world around us offers so much inspiration, and giving your guest bedroom a nature theme can really make your guests feel at home. Whether you’re drawn to the beach, the forest or the prairies, bringing the outdoors inside can be just the change you’re looking for.

Whatever you want

Ultimately a spare bedroom is your chance to create a space exactly the way you want. Unlike the kitchen, where you have an abundance of appliances and furniture that all have to come together somehow, or the living room, where you want to ensure it’s universally appealing, your extra bedroom is just that — extra. It is an additional space for you to do with as you wish. Because after all, it is only you and your closest family and friends who will ever see it. Furniture and decorations come in all shapes and sizes, and paints come in all colours, so decorate your guest bedroom however you want!

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