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Dressing up your living room

The living room is an important space in your home. It’s the perfect room for enjoying family time, entertaining guests and unwinding after a long day. Make sure it’s a space you can be proud of in terms of both beauty and practicality with these simple decorating tips.

Stylish living room


Nothing brings warmth and life to a room like plants. They add a vibrancy to an otherwise dull space that can’t be achieved by any other means. Plants such as hoya require very little water and sunlight, so including them in your home adds some life without being an inconvenience. However, if you happen to have a green thumb, African violets can be a nice touch. Or for effortless, year-round style, invest in a vase of fake flowers that will add colour with unbelievably little work.


Pieces of art are a great way to give your living room a jolt of personality. But you want the room to come together as a unit rather than look like a mishmash of ideas. Start with a colour or theme, and then find artwork that works within that area.


Your living room is a great place to showcase your family and celebrate your life’s achievements. Childhood snapshots, wedding photos and graduation paraphernalia are all lovely ways to make the space seem a little more personal. Just remember, when mounting a series of photographs on the wall, look for similarly coloured or styled frames so they come together nicely.


Adding fabric and drapery to a room can quickly inject the space with colour and vibrancy. Long, flowing drapes can add elegance, while a cute, simple cut can leave your room with an extra-cozy feel. When it comes to curtains, don’t be afraid to shop around until you find the style that perfectly suits the feel you’re going for.


Chairs and couches take up the majority of the space in your living room, so don’t let them become a dull focal point. Instead, try experimenting with throw pillows. Play around with different sizes, colours, textures and shapes until you find just the right accent you’re looking for.


Any room seems more welcoming and joyful with a little extra light. If your living room doesn’t get a whole lot of natural light, consider tracking down some free-standing lamps to brighten up the place. It’s also a great opportunity to add a little bit of stylish flare to the space, so have fun with the shopping, and pick the perfect lights for you!

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