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Aromatherapy for your home

Aromatherapy could be defined as the use of certain essential oils to nurture a person’s spirit and create a sense of well-being. With many fragrant options available, it’s easy to find the right scent for each room in your home!

Essential oils

Incorporate essential oils into your home environment by using a diffuser, scented candles, potpourri, sachets, adding a few drops to a water spritzer or even just dabbing a few drops here and there on fabrics if you choose! The scent will benefit you in several specific ways, so refer to this simple guide for ideas to use essential oils throughout the home.

The home office or study centre

A long day of work or study can be taxing! Use aromatherapy to help offset the disruptive feelings of stress and professional demands while restoring balance in your life. Whether your office is used for a 9–5’er, a part-time home office employee or another member of your family as a designated study space, use these essential oils to maintain a productive work environment.

  • Basil oil: fights off work burnout and mental fatigue.
  • Lavender oil: improves concentration, reduces tension and fights the negative influence stress.
  • Sweet fennel oil: a creativity booster that aids in boosting confidence.

The master bedroom

The bedroom should be a place of relaxation and tranquility, but also a place to connect with our partner. Whether you need to rejuvenate with some well-needed shut-eye or have some alone time with your love, an essential oil can help set the mood. Improve the spirit of your bedroom with these aromatherapy suggestions.

  • Neroli oil: soothing to the nervous system and is a calming aid to prevent and treat insomnia.
  • Jasmine oil: a subtle scent that may arouse the senses while creating a sense of peace.
  • Patchouli oil: an earthy fragrance that will illicit sensual thoughts and feelings.

The bathroom

One moment the bathroom is an invigorating place to start anew, and the next it’s a peaceful refuge from a busy day! Either way you utilize your personal facilities, be sure to include aromatherapy to enhance the experience.

  • Grapefruit oil: will re-energize the body upon waking, thus creating a fresh, vibrant start to the day.
  • Lavender oil: at the end of a day, will help promote relaxation and sleep by reducing daily stresses. Perfect for the bathroom or bedroom.
  • Chamomile: with many healthy benefits, such as anti-inflammatory and sedative properties, and therefore a wonderful choice for the master bath.

The kitchen

Your kitchen may already be saturated with the homey aromas of delicious food and baking, but that doesn’t mean it won’t benefit from the fragrance of these essential oils. Try these for a delightful fragrant option.

  • Lemon oil: perfect for the kitchen, as it is energizing and has the power to cleanse rooms of negative odors.
  • Lime oil: known to be a mental cleanser that renews the mind while adding a bright, uplifting scent to a room.
  • Vanilla oil: a natural sedative that also tends to warm the spirit while making a person feel good and evokes happy memories.

The living or family room

A place to gather family and friends and delight in converstation. Add the intoxicating scent of these oils to promote this experience.

  • Marjoram oil: aids in relaxation and creates an openess between people that strengthens bonds and friendships.
  • Rosemary oil: creates a positive, contented mood that is vital to decompressing after a busy day, but will still encourage an active lifestyle.
  • Cedar oil: a great choice for enhancing bonding and a feeling of coziness while promoting a feeling of safety.

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