Pamper your guests: Must-haves for your guest bedroom

Be the perfect host by creating an inviting bedroom retreat for your overnight guests to enjoy. Here are the items to include in your guest bedroom to help your house guests feel comfortable and welcome.

Guest bedroom

A comfortable bed

Help your guests get the shut-eye they need by pulling together a cozy bed. Outfit the room with a good, quality mattress and bed frame, then make sure to add soft, comfortable bedding. Offer a selection of pillows, make the bed with freshly pressed sheets and pillowcases, top it off with a luxurious comforter and have extra blankets nearby to help keep your guests from feeling a chill in the middle of the night. Always be prepared and place an extra set of bed linens in the room in case they are needed.


A lamp on a bedside table makes it easy for your guests see without having to turn on the bright overhead lighting, and it’s also nice for guests who like to read before turning in for the night. A small night light will help your guests navigate through the room if they need to get up when the rest of the house is dark.


A comfortable chair is a nice touch for the room. Add a pretty throw blanket, and it can be used for reading or as seating if your guest is simply taking a moment to relax in the room. It will also double as a place to lay out clothes.

Closet and drawer space

When not in use, your guest bedroom may tend to become an extra storage space. Be sure to make ample room in the closet and clear out a couple of drawers for your guest to use during their stay. Freshen up the closet and drawers by using a room spray or scented sachets.

Bathroom necessities

Supply each guest with a set of their own plush towels and washcloths to use during their stay. A personal toiletry basket will be appreciated by all; be sure to include personal soaps, small shampoo and conditioner bottles, toothpaste, a new toothbrush, mouthwash and lotion. Also consider supplying a terry cloth bathrobe for your guest to use; this item is bulky and hard to pack, so your guest will appreciate it when taking trips to the washroom.

Guest basket

The little things you add to the guest bedroom will go a long way in helping your guest feel welcome and at home. Show them how much you enjoy having them visit by preparing a basket with items they might need. Fill a basket with current magazines, small books, water bottles, a sweet treat such as dark chocolate, a savoury snack such as roasted almonds, fresh fruit, a pen and journal, pain and heartburn treatments and whatever else you want!

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