4 Ways to be more photogenic

Who doesn’t want to look better in pictures? Here are four pointers on how you can look your best in photos. All it takes is a bit of prep and practice.

Flawless makeup and smile - Photogenic woman

If you shy away whenever a camera’s near because you never like how you look in pictures, it’s time to learn how to be more photogenic. After all, in this day and age of social media, you need to have photos of yourself for your various online profiles. Here’s how to look good in pictures.

Perfect your makeup technique

If you know photos will be taken, invest extra time into doing your makeup. Pay attention to your skin especially. You don’t want redness or oiliness to appear, so prime your skin, apply a full-coverage foundation and do a careful job with concealer — your skin will look flawless. Be sure to curl your lashes and apply mascara to open up your eyes. Powder your nose regularly to avoid looking greasy-faced in the pictures, and remember to not wear an SPF if there’ll be flash photography (the light flashes off the suncreen on your skin).

Practice your smile

You might feel foolish doing this, but spending time in front of a mirror examining your face and practicing a natural smile will do wonders. Look for which is your good side, learn how to find your light and experiment with different tilts of the head. Try your hair in front of your ears, tucked behind your ears or simply tossed over one shoulder. With your smile, remember that a natural, genuine smile is reflected in the glint of your eyes; smiling with just your mouth comes off as fake-looking.

Strike a pose

In front of a full-length mirror, practice posing. Turn your body at a slight angle to the mirror/camera with one foot in front of the other — this will help you look slimmer. Try different positions with your arms until you find a pose that feels and looks natural. Simply leaving them by your side might work, or one hand on your hip might feel right.

Dress in clothing that’s flattering on camera and on your body

Prints and anything too fussy don’t photograph well, so aim for a streamlined outfit. Get to know what colours work on you too. What makes your skin look glowing and what can make you look sickly will play a big part in how your photos turn out.

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