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5 Purse essentials

Ladies, we all know our purses are pretty much our survival kits for life. They contain everything we need and more to get through our day-to-day lives. Though a purse can sometimes get bogged down with junk, there are certain items that require a permanent place in it. We share the five purse essentials you can’t leave home without.

Organizing purse

Lip care

Dry, chapped lips can leave you feeling uncomfortable and less than glamorous. By keeping a lip saver on hand, you can jazz yourself up in a flash. Consider keeping a heavy moisturizing lip balm in your purse for those really dry days and a gloss or lipstick for a dressy touch when needed.

Mini pack of tissues

Tissues have so many uses. Sure, you use them when dealing with allergies or a cold, but they can also act as anything from toilet paper to napkins in a pinch. Having a mini package handy will help you deal with spills, messes and makeup mishaps, so don’t leave home without them!

Emergency money

We’ve become so accustomed to paying for things with Interac or credit that we can easily get trapped in a situation where only cash is accepted and we don’t have any on us. Because cash kept in a wallet has a tendency to get used up faster than we expect, dedicate a small pocket in your purse to the role of emergency money carrier. Pick an amount you feel comfortable with, and ensure you always have it stowed away. Aim to have bills as well as coins in case you need to make a call at a pay phone or feed the parking meter.


Not having food or drink on hand when you need it most is a sure way to find yourself cranky or to wind up spending money unnecessarily. When you keep your purse stocked with a small bottle of water and a fortifying snack, you ensure you always have something to reach for when your belly starts grumbling. Granola bars or bags of trail mix will fill you up in a pinch, and they can stay in your purse for weeks without going bad, so you don’t have to worry about replacing them until you run out.

Agenda and/or phone book

These days, many of us keep all our information in our phones and computers. But what happens if your phone dies unexpectedly or a virus eliminates pertinent information? Don’t risk getting stranded somewhere without a phone number to call or the address of where you have to be. Instead, keep that important information in a small notebook or agenda so you will always have a backup within reach.

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