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6 Tips for your wedding day makeup


If there’s ever a day when you want your makeup to be just right, it’s your wedding day. These six tips will set you on the right track to being the beautiful blushing bride you’ve dreamed of being all along.

Bridal makeup

Aim to look like yourself

Don’t go with any beauty look that’s too trendy or a look drastically different than you usually wear, or you’ll be unrecognizable in your photos. Plus, you’ll also risk looking dated in them quickly. Timeless beauty is what you should aim for.

Do a makeup trial

Whether you’ve hired a makeup artist or doing your makeup on your own, be sure to do a trial. With an artist, this way they’ll know exactly what you want your look to be that day. Typically you will have to pay for your makeup trial (a rate that is less than on your actual wedding day). When you are happy with your makeup, take a picture so you and the artist have a reference of what it should look like on the day.

If you’re doing your own makeup, try the look a few times until you’re confident with your application method. Also, make sure you’ll have enough makeup for the big day. You don’t want to discover you have no more mascara the morning of.

Avoid SPF products

Flash photography can flash off the SPF in your moisturizer or foundation, so use one without sunscreen. It can also bring out pink tones in your skin, so counteract this effect by using a yellow-based foundation.

Use long-lasting makeup

Waterproof mascara is a no-brainer; you will tear up, and you want your mascara to stay put. Aim to use longer-lasting formulas for the remainder of your products too, as you’ll have a long day and evening ahead. Use a lip stain or liner to line your lips before applying lipstick so it can last through the many kisses, the meal, the Champagne toasts and more.

Avoid certain spa treatments too close to the big day

Book appointments such as your eyebrow shaping and facial for at least a few days before your wedding day. If you get waxed or have a facial that could cause redness, you want to give your skin time to heal and for the inflammation to go down before you tie the knot.

Pack a cosmetics case

Keep some blotting papers or pressed powder, your lipstick and concealer in a small cosmetics case so you can do quick touch-ups at the reception. Other handy things to include? Breath mints (you’ll be hugging and kissing many guests) and cotton swabs to tidy up any errant makeup smudges.

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