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Get ready in no time flat

Somehow your alarm clock didn’t go off, and you’ve got all of five minutes to get out the door so you can get to work on time. Here’s how to do your hair and makeup in a jiffy.

Panicked woman - Waking up late

It happens to even the most conscientious of us. We forget to set our alarm clock, or perhaps we shut it off accidentally, and we wake up and immediately panic because we have all of five minutes to get out of our pyjamas, dressed and out the door. We have some good news for you, though. Even though you don’t have time to shower or do your regular daytime makeup, you can still pull off a much simpler look so you are presentable, and no one will know the better. Here’s how.

Do your hair in about one minute

You don’t need to head to the office with bed-head. Brush out your hair, spray some dry shampoo at the roots, and work it through your hair with your hands. If you’ve applied a little too much and it appears faintly white in your hair, simply continue working it in with your hands until it disappears. Then pull your hair into a casual topknot, and use a product like the Goody Spin Pin to help hold it in place.

Get your skin ready with one product

A quick cleanse with soap and water, and then, since you don’t have time for moisturizer, concealer, foundation, primer, highlighter and translucent powder, opt for a BB cream. This multi-tasking product is meant to perform most of those jobs. Many BB creams tend to be on the sheerer side, so your skin may not be as flawless-looking as usual, but right now, it’s all about getting out the door.

Hydrate your lips and play up your eyes

Sweep your plain, clear lip balm onto your lips as you run out the door to make sure they don’t dry out. And if you’d like to play up your eyes a little, use your finger to sweep some balm onto your eyelids to give them a subtle shine.

Add some colour to your face

During your commute, dab your lip and cheek stain that you carry in your handbag onto your lips and the apples of your cheeks to give some colour and life to your appearance. You’ll never be so happy you have this double-duty product handy.

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