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The best eyeshadow shades for your eye colour

With so many colours, textures and techniques to choose from, experimenting with different eyeshadows can be fun. While some people may try to coordinate their makeup with the colour of their outfit, it’s more important to choose shades that complement your eye colour. Below are the best shades to play up the colour of your eyes.

Applying eye shadow

Brown eyes

Brown eyes look great with any eyeshadow colour. To really bring out the brown in your eyes, try green eyeshadow or shades with a gold shimmer in them. Blue eyeshadow also complements brown eyes well. While you can still use a brown eyeshadow, be sure not to make it a brown that matches your brown eye colour exactly; use either a lighter brown shade or a darker one. Peach and purple tones will also look great on brown-eyed beauties.

Blue eyes

Blue-eyed girls should actually try to avoid blue eyeshadows and instead opt for browns and taupe-coloured shades. A little bit of purple will play up the blue in your eyes as well. Try a pink or rose eyeshadow for a dramatic contrast with your blue eyes.

Grey eyes

Darker eyeshadow, like dark grey, black, charcoal, and dark brown, will provide a beautiful contrast and show off your grey eyes. Purple eyeshadow shades will also make your grey eyes pop.

Green eyes

To make your green eyes stand out, purple shades are a great option, as they contrast well with green eyes. Earth tones like browns or warm colours will naturally complement your eyes. For a night out, try eyeshadow with gold, shimmering undertones that will play up the green in your eyes.

Hazel eyes

Just as with green eyes, purple shades will contrast well with hazel-coloured eyes, especially because of the gold flecks in your eyes. Eyeshadow with gold shimmer will also make those flecks pop. Mocha browns and taupe colours work for hazel eyes too.

Dark brown or black eyes

Just as with brown eyes, many colours work with very dark-coloured eyes. Any colour besides black will contrast well with your eyes, including blue, green, gold, pink and purple shades. Avoid darker shades and opt for brighter colours instead, as they will help emphasize your eyes. Using a pearly shimmer on your eyes will also brighten up your look.

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