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To wash hair everyday or not?

Is daily shampooing bad for your hair? Get to the root of the problem and solve the great hair washing debate with these helpful tips.

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We’ve all experienced oily hair before — it lacks bounce, looks greasy and just makes us look like we haven’t showered in a couple of days. And of course, for those who experience greasy hair regularly, the solution to their problem consists of daily shampooing. And while we’ve all heard the rumours, we always wonder whether it’s healthy or not to wash our hair daily. And the fact of the matter is that the answer varies based on how oily your scalp gets and the texture of your hair.

Why we shampoo

About 90 percent of Canadians shampoo daily. Each hair follicle is connected to a sebaceous gland, which secretes sebum, the natural oil responsible for moisturizing and waterproofing your skin and hair. And while this might sound gross, this oil is needed to moisturize the cells on our scalp and protect them from the elements. However, when too much sebum accumulates on our scalp, that’s when our hair starts looking greasy and we feel the need to shower to be accepted as functioning members of society.

How often is too often?

Ladies, when it comes to washing your manes, hair stylist and make-up artist Heather Adessa says it depends on the type of hair you have. If your hair is fine, washing your hair daily is the best bet, because the oil on the scalp will make your head look greasy. If your hair is medium to thick, curly or straight, she recommends washing hair twice a week, as hair that tends to frizz easily will benefit from an oily scalp, therefore, keeping the frizz down throughout the day. For thicker textures, she says hair usually looks best on the second or third day after shampooing anyway.

But remember, too much of the same shampoo can also be counterproductive. It’s important to change up your shampoo in between washes to maintain healthy hair and avoid buildup certain products can leave behind when used too often.

Skip your shampoo bottle

If a quick shampoo won’t fit into your tightly scheduled day, don’t stress, you have alternatives to jumping into the shower. While buying a dry shampoo can do the trick, baby powder seems to be the cheaper alternative. Sprinkling a little bit of this powdery goodness onto the roots of your scalp will soak up any excess oils and you won’t have to worry about over-stripping your hair with frequent washes.

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