Convenience of two-in-one hair products

These days, we need all the shortcuts we can get. That’s where two-in-one hair products come in handy. Read on to discover how multitasking hair products can simplify your life.

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In a time when we’re juggling a million things on our plates — from business meetings, to picking up the dry-cleaning, to meeting with our gal-pals for a few drinks after work — we always try to find the simplest route to accomplish anything. Even when it comes to shampooing our hair! That’s why two-in-one shampoos seem like the perfect solution to our busy lifestyles, because not only will they save you time in the shower, but think of how environmentally friendly they also are.

Science behind the beauty

Two-in-one shampoos and hair products have been around since the 1980s and basically consist of an additional two ingredients — a silicone and a suspending agent — added to a regular shampoo. The silicone is usually an agent called Dimethicone, which provides the conditioning qualities in the product, while Glycol Distearate is the suspending agent, which allows the silicone to separate and stay in your hair.

Why we love two-in-ones

Two-in-one hair products are not only convenient, but also moisturize your hair when shampoo leaves it feeling a little too clean — you know, dry and straw-like to the touch. And not only are you saving yourself money when buying two-in-one hair products, but you’re also being environmentally conscious. Think about it — you’re sending fewer chemicals into our drainage systems. And instead of having to dispose of two bottles, you’re getting rid of one.

When to use

These products can be used for a quick shampoo anytime you want; however, just like with anything else, too much of a good thing isn’t always best. Be sure to switch up your shampoos in between washes to maintain a healthy scalp and maintain luscious locks.

When it comes to two-in-one shampoos, Dr. Alan Bauman, hair restoration physician, says that though their quality has improved over the years, he believes that the more specialized your hair needs are, the less likely these products are to deliver what they advertise. For example, if you normally have greasy hair, using two-in-one will provide extra conditioning, leaving your hair looking extra oily. So, when choosing a two-in-one shampoo over a regular one, it all depends on the type of hair you have.

And even though you may not think you’re using two-in-one products, chances are that you are, or have in your past beauty regimens. Any time you use anything with the label ‘moisturizing,’ ‘hydrating,’ and ‘conditioning,’ two-in-one technology is built into these products. So, if two-in-one is not what you’re looking for, opt for bottles reading ‘clarifying’ or ‘volumizing’ instead.

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