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Treat Mom to a beauty makeover for Mother’s Day

Moms are notorious for looking out for everyone else first and putting themselves last. So things like makeup and haircuts can sometimes get pushed aside. Why not treat her to a day of pampering so she can get a modern update and feel and look gorgeous?

Woman getting facial

Does your mom tend to put everyone else first? This is why you should treat her to a luxurious makeover for Mother’s Day. She’ll get some pampering and a much-needed update to her look — and she’ll feel like a million bucks at the end of the day. So get on the phone and book your appointments — here’s how to plan your makeover itinerary. Keep in mind, though, that your mom will look so gorgeous, people may mistake you two for sisters by the end of the day!

Start your makeover day with a facial

Meet mom at the spa, and let the esthetician advise on which type of facial would suit your mom’s skin best. The esthecian will be able to consult with your mom while examining her skin to determine if she needs, for example, a purifying facial with extractions, microdermabrasion or an oxygen facial for brightening. Starting with the facial will be a relaxing and quiet way to kick off your day. Plus, since your hair can often get messy during a facial treatment, you want to do this before getting your hair cut and styled. Pick up the bill on some of the facial products the spa recommends for your mom too.

Next, go for a haircut

If your mom’s been way overdue for an update to her hairstyle, this is the perfect way to get her to do it without being too obvious about it. Your stylist can perhaps convince her that the length she’s holding on to is not the most flattering, for example (we all get into ruts!). Bonus: You can get your hair cut too, helping you save time in your schedule.

Lastly, go see a professional makeup artist

Introduce your mom to the season’s latest colours and newest products (such as BB creams) by taking her to have her makeup done. Getting your face done by a pro makeup artist makes anyone feel like a star. After all, most of us don’t indulge in this luxury on a regular basis. You can build up excitement by not letting your mom see the makeup job until the end for a big reveal.

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