4 Ideas on how to spend quality time with Mom

Sure, you could pick up something pretty in a boutique for your mom for Mother’s Day, but wouldn’t spending time and experiencing something together be much more memorable? Plan for any one of these four activities to give her a Mother’s Day she’ll never forget.

Three generations - Grandma, mom and daughter

One of the best gifts you can give your mom for Mother’s Day? It’s not flowers or perfume. In fact, it’s not something you can wrap up at all. What is it? Spending quality time with her. So keep your schedule open, and get ready for some bonding time. It’s something she’ll treasure always. Here are a few ideas for what you could do with your day together.

Head to a day spa

Kick back and enjoy some sumptuous spa treatments together. Gab over manis and pedis (make sure to request in advance that you be seated together). Or indulge in refreshing Scandinavian baths — taking the dip into the frigid cold-water pool is always a bonding experience. Get some time apart during a hot stone massage, and then reconnect and gossip over tea and magazines in the spa lounge. You’ll both be wondering why you don’t do this more often.

Get active

Your mom’s enjoyed her share of Mother’s Day brunches, so why not use your time together to do something sporty instead? Go to the driving range or head out for nine holes of golf. Or if you’re both climbers, hit a rock climbing gym (what could be more bonding than having to rely on each other with the ropes?). Or you could always try something brand new together — a Nia dance class or CrossFit, for example. Once you’ve worked up a sweat, then you two can indulge in a well-earned brunch.

Indulge in food and wine

If your mom is a foodie, she’ll love heading to wine country with you for the day (or make a weekend of it) and touring the vineyards and wineries together for some tastings. Fuel yourself well with some gourmet meals while you’re there, and be sure to treat her to a bottle or two of her favourite wines to bring home.

Help her cross something off her bucket list

Plan to accompany her as she crosses something wild off her life’s to-do list. Learn to drive a race car, go skydiving, jump off a cliff into the ocean — whatever it is, it’ll become a memory she holds even closer to her heart with you there alongside her.

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