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4 Coping strategies for job stress

Are you finding that work is causing your stress levels to reach an all-time high? Before you burn out, here are four tactics that’ll help you manage your stress levels.

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It’s expected that work will be somewhat stressful. But when that stress becomes overwhelming and starts taking over your life and affects how you function and feel every moment of the day, it’s time to make some changes before it does you more damage. You’ll burn out if you continue this way, after all. Here are some ways to help cope with stress that should help in the short term.

Take breaks

Even if you feel overwhelmed from the workload you have to tackle, take a break from it all — even if it’s just to walk down the hall to get a sip of water. The movement will do you good, and taking your eyes off of focusing on your computer screen will help you too. Go grab a smoothie with a colleague, and rather than complain about work, talk about something else. Your brain needs a break from it all too.

Eat a proper lunch away from your desk

Do you often find yourself plugging away at work, and the next thing you know, you look at the clock and it’s 3 p.m., and you have yet to have eaten lunch? If you pick up some fast food, you’ll only make your stress levels worse (your metabolism will crash and leave you grumpy), so do your best to bring or buy a healthy lunch that includes protein to keep you satiated. Plus, eat in the office kitchen or outdoors so you can actually pay attention to and enjoy what you’re eating rather than scarfing it down mindlessly at your desk.

If you’re at a breaking point, give yourself a time out

If voices are escalating in a heated discussion while in a meeting and you feel like you’re going to explode or burst into tears, excuse yourself and go to a quiet spot alone until you can calm down and gather your emotions. If you don’t collect yourself, you may let your stress get the better of you and say something to your co-worker or boss you may regret.

Talk to your boss

If there’s no end in sight as to when the pressure and expectations at the office will abate, consider talking to your boss about possible solutions, like reallocating responsibilities or the workload so it is more manageable for you.

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