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Mother’s Day breakfast-in-bed ideas

Moms always give up so much of their time, so why not give your mom time to sleep in for once? Then, when she wakes up, serve her the best breakfast in bed. Here are some pointers on what to include.

Breakfast in bed

There’s something so decadent about breakfast in bed — being able to just open your eyes, sit up and have a delicious meal while still warm and snuggly beneath your down comforter is pure bliss. With Mother’s Day coming up, start preparing now so you have all of the ingredients and other touches that’ll make this the best gift ever for your mom. Here are some key elements to include:

Coffee or tea

Make sure you have enough of her favourite coffee or tea, and brew a pot of it. Be sure to include milk and sugar on the tray as well (depending on how she takes her coffee or tea).

Her favourite juice

Make some freshly squeezed orange juice if that’s her favourite (or make it more festive by turning it into a mimosa instead). Or find a smoothie or juice recipe she likes, and blend it up so she gets a refreshing dose of antioxidants with breakfast.

Her favourite main

Hopefully you’ve paid attention to what she usually orders at brunch — is she more of a sweet or savoury girl when it comes to her main? How does she like her eggs? If possible, try to practice any tricky recipes before Mother’s Day. If she usually has poached eggs, don’t wait until the Sunday morning of Mother’s Day to try to perfect your poached-egg technique.

A sweet carb with accompaniments

Plate some sweet Irish scones or her favourite muffin (perhaps it’s one of these five muffin recipes) so she can get her sweet fix. If possible, bake her favourite from scratch that morning right before serving her so she can not only enjoy waking up to the heavenly scent wafting into the bedroom, but she can also enjoy them when they’re as fresh as can be and still warm from the oven.

Other thoughtful touches

Hit the bookshop and grab the latest issues of your mom’s favourite magazines or that book you know she’s been dying to read. Or if she prefers to do puzzles, tuck a sodoku book or her iPad loaded with some fun new apps onto the tray. Pretty up the tray with a small vase holding a stem of her favourite flower.

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