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How to get mermaid hair


Nothing is more enviable — on the beach or the red carpet — than long, lustrous, wavy locks. Those beachy waves (or mermaid hair) work for every occasion. But just exactly how can you transform your locks into mermaid hair? We’ll break it down, step by step.

woman with beachy mermaid hair

Step 1. Start with clean hair

Wash and condition your hair as usual, then give yourself a classic blow out. Use the low setting on your blow dryer and blow-dry sections at a time using a medium-sized round brush. Ensure your locks are completely dry before moving on to step two.

Step 2. Curl your strands

Separate hair into small sections, spray with hairspray, then wrap each section around a 1-1/4-inch barrel curling iron, starting a few inches away from your roots and turning the curling iron away from your face. Make sure to curl all the strands in the same direction.

Step 3. Gently brush out curls

To avoid the ringlet look and turn your curls into mermaid waves, gently brush through them with a bristle brush. Don’t over brush to avoid losing the curl or making your hair frizzy.

Step 4. Give your hair a little shine

Gently work some shine serum through your mermaid waves with your fingers and spray with flexible hold hairspray to allow movement while maintaining the waves.

Step 5. Fake mermaid hair length

We may not all have super-long locks like a mermaid, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rock the mermaid waves look! You can purchase clip-in extensions that match your hair color at beauty supply stores for a reasonable price. After blow-drying your hair, start affixing extensions above the nape of your neck from ear to ear and continue up in small sections — about 1-1/2 inches above one another until you reach the back of your head. Brush gently to blend the extensions with your real hair. Then begin the curling process as directed in Step 2.

Step 6. Preserve your mermaid look

If you’re careful, you can rock your mermaid waves for a few days. Once you’ve completed your look, don’t brush hair with a regular brush. Work your fingers gently through any tangles. Sleep on a silk or satin pillow to avoid the bird’s nest look in the morning. To freshen your mermaid waves, randomly select a few waves and re-curl them. Then gently brush out only those newly-curled pieces to blend back in with the rest of your hair.

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