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Incorporating Earth Day into your beauty routine

You have so many ways to celebrate Earth Day, but have you considered honoring Mother Nature by giving your beauty routine an earth-friendly makeover? SheKnows shares fun ways to incorporate Earth Day into your beauty routine.

woman with beautiful hair

Give your blow dryer the day off

Blow-drying your hair can not only damage your strands in time, but it also uses precious energy. Why not give your blow dryer a break and work your hair’s natural body. You might be surprised how your new au natural look turns heads. Be sure to unplug any hair appliances you do you use once you are finished.

Look for recyclable/refillable packaging

It’s not just about what goes into your makeup and beauty products, it’s about what goes around them, too. The plastic packaging from your lotion bottles to your lip gloss tubes spend years in a landfill and account for about one third of landfill waste. Check out beauty products with earth-friendly packaging and recycle products when you can. For example, switch from swivel eye and lip liners to the pencil kind, as the shavings are biodegradable. Also, use refillable shadow and blush palettes.

Avoid single-use and disposable products

To avoid adding more waste to landfills, avoid using single-use cleansing wipes or use-and-toss products such as disposable razors. Invest in a nice razor that uses refillable blades instead. Also, use a regular washcloth in place of cleaning wipes since it can be used again and again, sans waste.

Use nature-derived beauty products

Mother Nature would never want you to go without your beauty routine! She offers some of the best natural products around. Consider a switch from body lotion to coconut oil or sweet almond oil for smooth, soft skin. Argan oil does wonders for smoothing hair and keeping your strands healthy. Use lime juice to perk up dull skin, smooth rough, dry patches and reduce the appearance of freckles. Mashed strawberries are known to give teeth a white and shiny glimmer.

Natural makeup

If you’re not into DIY skin care, you can find many consumer products available that are earth-friendly. Be sure to check if a product does animal testing and if it really holds up to its all-natural claims. Scan labels for any synthetic ingredients and do your homework if you are not familiar with an element in your favorite product. Not all “natural” makeup and beauty products are created equal.

Shorten your shower

Conserve water by skipping that big, soothing bath for a shower and try to keep it fairly short. Dry brush your body to exfoliate skin before hopping in the shower. And don’t run the water too hot — it’ll dry out your skin.

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