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The best haircuts for fine hair

When you have fine hair, getting the right cut for your hair type is crucial for helping it look fuller and like it has more body than it does. Here’s what you need to consider when it comes time to choose a haircut.

Layered haircut - Fine hair

If you have fine hair, it probably lies pretty flat and looks limp unless you blow dry and style it very well — it definitely helps if you’re skilled at giving yourself a great blowout. Another essential element of getting your fine hair to look good? Getting the right haircut. Here are some pointers on what’ll work best with your hair texture.

Layer — but make sure you get the right kind of layering

Because your hair tends to be soft and fine, you want to be sure not to cut too many layers. If your layer too much, this will thin your hair even more and make you look like you have even less hair than you do. Layer too little, and you won’t get the movement or lift that layering can give your hair. A skilled stylist will know what level of layering will work best on you — the right amount will allow some of the layers to act as structure to uphold layers on top of it.

Cut to shoulder length (or shorter)

Because your hair is thin and fine, the longest you should have it is about shoulder length. Remember, that’s a general rule of thumb; some people may have fine hair but lots of it, in which case you can perhaps get away with more length. When you go too long and your hair is fine, your mane can start to look stringy — which will only emphasize how fine your hair is. A chin-length bob can work well on you, too — the bluntness can help add a look of fullness to your hair. Alternatively, a graduated bob (where your hair is shorter in the back at the nape of your neck and tapers longer on each side of your face) can also work on your hair type, but your stylist will need to make sure the tapered front pieces don’t get too thin and piece-y.

If you’re into short hair, a pixie cut can work well with your hair type if you have the face shape that suits it. When cut in a textured finish, this look can add body and fullness.

Use volumizing products

From your shampoo and conditioner to your styling products, look for ones that help build body and volume. These will not weigh your hair down, but will help build the cuticle shaft of your hair and add lift at the roots to create the look of fuller hair.

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