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Mother’s Day crafts for Grandma

Have your child express their love for Grandma on Mother’s Day by creating something special from the heart. A craft they made personally just for her will be a sentimental keepsake forever. Here are a few suggestions for crafts your child can make to surprise grandma with this Mother’s Day.

Grandma with grandkids

A mother of any age or generation will appreciate these thoughtful crafts from the child in her life. Keep an arsenal of basic craft supplies on hand, such as scissors, tape, glue, various papers, coloured pens and pencils, to help your child be creative, and supply the necessary materials to help when making these inspired gifts.

A year-round flower bouquet

Your mother or mother in-law will love to be reminded of your child all year long with this special gift.

Level of difficulty: Easy

Materials needed:

  • 25 sheets of coloured tissue paper
  • 5 coordinating or green pipe cleaners
  • Coordinating ribbon for wrapping
  1. Cut off the bottom 2 inches of a pipe cleaner, then set it aside.
  2. Layer five sheets of tissue paper together, then cut into 4- to 5-inch-wide strips that are the full length of the paper.
  3. Wrap the paper around the top 5 inches of the pipe cleaner. Use the 2-inch piece of pipe cleaner to secure the tissue.
  4. From the top, cut 3-inch slits through the paper on the pipe cleaner.
  5. Keep repeating with another five sheets and a pipe cleaner to make your flower bouquet.
  6. Wrap the bouquet with the ribbon for presentation.

Grandma’s brag book

Whether it’s simple or advanced, this small scrapbook will be a favourite of grandmothers everywhere.

Level of difficulty: easy to advanced

Materials needed:
  • A mini-photo album
  • Several family or children’s photographs
  • Various scrapbooking materials. A basic and creative mini-scrapbook can be created with only special edging scissors and stickers. Supply such stickers as letters, hearts, squares, stripes and anything else your child would like to use. A more advanced grandma’s scrapbook may require adhesive, printed and coloured paper, paper punches, die cuts and photo trimming instruments.
  1. Organize the photos into a logical sequence. Consider the event, time or celebration when the photo was taken.
  2. Create each page sequentially. Decorate each page with the supplied materials. Let your child be creative, but ensure you offer suggestions when required.
  3. Trim the photo as needed and add it to the page.
  4. Place the mini-scrapbook in a decorative box wrapped in ribbon for presentation.

Personalized garden stepping stone

This craft is a perfect keepsake for the garden, patio or front entrance to the home.

Level of difficulty: medium with parent’s help

Materials needed:

  • A mould for shaping. Craft supply or online supply stores offer plastic and fancy molds, or try using used plastic boxes, used cake pans or wooden templates. Keep in mind that using concrete in any container will render it non-food-safe.
  • A grease or lubricant such as cooking spray or vaseline to aid in the removal of the formed stone.
  • A bag of concrete and the appropriate safety gear, such as gloves, eyewear and a dust mask.
  • Various mosaic materials, such as river rocks, beach glass or broken coloured glass.
  1. Prepare the mould by greasing it lightly.
  2. In a large container or wheelbarrow, mix the concrete according to the manufacturer’s directions.
  3. Pour the concrete into the mould. Tamp to remove air bubbles, and then remove any excess from the top.
  4. Approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour later, your child can add their handprints, decorate with the glass or stones or use a small stick to personalize the stepping stone.
  5. Allow three days for the stone to completely set before removing it from the mould, then allow it to cure for an additional 5–7 days before use.
  6. Wrap the stepping stone in tissue paper and a box for presentation.

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