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The skinny on skinny jeans: Can anyone wear them?

Many women often see a pair of skinny jeans and wish they could fit into them. They think that since they’re curvy, they’re not supposed to wear skinny jeans because they’re unflattering for a thicker figure. But you don’t have to be skinny to wear skinny jeans! Skinny jeans aren’t called “skinny” because they’re meant for model-thin women. Rather, it’s because they hug your ankle and don’t flare out at the bottom like boot-cut jeans. Here’s how to choose the right skinny jeans for your body shape.

Skinny JeansMake sure they fit and are proportionate

Skinny jeans don’t mean you’re supposed to be unable to breathe while wearing them. Make sure the hips and thighs aren’t too tight when you try on skinny jeans. They also shouldn’t be so tight that you can’t bend down, sit, eat or walk comfortably in them either. Don’t buy jeans that are too tight at the waist either, or you’ll end up with a muffin top.

Choose a mid-rise style and a darker rinse

Make sure your skinny jeans sit right below your belly button for maximum comfort and best fit. Doing this will also avoid a muffin top. A darker pair of jeans is more flattering than a lighter pair, and they’re dressier too. Be sure to avoid a patterned pair, as they’re not as flattering as a plain dark pair.

Wear your jeans with a longer top

Pairing your skinny jeans with a sweater or shirt that flows just over the wider part of your hips will balance your look well. Adding a wide belt at your waist will highlight your figure and make your outfit sexier.

Choose the right shoes

Wearing your skinny jeans with high heels will make your legs look longer and slimmer, but heels aren’t always the answer. You can easily wear your jeans with knee-high boots for a polished look. Cute ballerina flats also work great with skinny jeans, since the jeans hug the ankle and will show off your shoes.

Image: Gap

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