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Ways to avoid overindulging in leftover Easter candy

Do you have a whole stash of leftover Easter candy sitting around the house that you’re worried you’ll end up overindulging in? Save yourself from mindless eating, and enjoy your treats in moderation with these simple tricks.

Chocolate Easter eggs

Put it in someone else’s control

Knowing that you have a basket full of Easter candy waiting for you in the cupboard can make you unable to think about anything else. And that battle between wanting to indulge and trying to keep yourself away from it is exhausting. Putting that bag of goodies in someone else’s control eliminates that battle. If you live with someone (a husband, roommate or parent, for example), ask that person to hide your Easter stash somewhere you won’t find it. This will allow you to fully contemplate how badly you want a treat and exacty which item(s) you wish to consume. You can tell your buddy, “I would like a peanut butter cup” rather than being faced with a dozen of them and not being able to stop at just one. If you don’t live with someone, maybe ask a close friend or family member if you can store the majority with them and keep just a couple of items with you as your emergency stash. You are more likely to be smart with your goodies when you know you have only a couple to rely on until you can stop by your friend’s place.

Give it away

You don’t want to eat all the goodies you racked up over the holidays, but you also don’t want to waste them. If that’s the case, giving some of your stash away might be the answer. Start with those treats that aren’t really your favourite but that you might end up eating anyway if you keep them around the house. There’s no point in risking feeling guilty about eating candy or chocolate that isn’t even your favourite. Drop some off at work and be the hit of the office. Or create gift bags for the little ones in your life. When you give away Easter candy, you get doubly rewarded, as you are bringing joy to others while ensuring your diet stays on track.

Cook with it

There are so many creative recipes out there for everything from mini-eggs to peanut butter cups. Have some fun in the kitchen cooking with your leftover Easter candy. Just make sure to keep some healthy snacks like veggies and fruit on hand so you don’t wind up mindlessly munching on sugar while you work. If you have to perform a taste test along the way, drink a few gulps of cold water right after so you aren’t tempted to go in for more. When your creation is complete, keep some samples around for you to enjoy, then freeze the rest or give it away. If you choose to do the latter, you will getting the goodies out of your house and making someone’s day in the process. The former is also a fabulous option, because every time you go to unthaw one of your treats, you’ll have time to pause and reflect on whether you really want it. That way you can give yourself a well-earned treat without downing a whole batch of brownies.

Enjoy it!

There’s nothing quite as joyful as Easter candy — it’s brightly coloured and shaped like cute little animals, after all! But overindulging in it can leave you feeling guilty rather than content. So try out some of these tactics, and enjoy your goodies in moderation!

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