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Beauty tips for the neck and decollete


Your skin care regimen shouldn’t stop at your jawline. Taking care of the delicate skin on your neck and decollete will pay off by preventing the many signs of aging that can appear here. These skin care tips will help keep this area looking youthful.


When it comes to preventing signs of aging, many of us focus on our face, such as around the eyes and mouth and in between the brows where that stubborn furrow has appeared. But we often overlook tending to our neck and decollete (the upper chest area), and these areas of sensitive skin can also show signs of aging, so they need to be addressed as well. To keep your neck and decollete looking youthful, be sure to incorporate these steps into your daily beauty regimen.

Cleanse gently

As with the rest of your body, when you shower, cleanse these areas of thin skin gently. A cleanser will be less harsh than a soap (which contains surfactants and detergents, both of which can be drying to your skin).

Massage with moisturizer

After your shower, pat skin dry with a towel. While skin is still damp, moisturize these areas. A number of creams and lotions created specifically for the neck and decollete are available on the market. Many contain such ingredients as glycolic acid, which will help keep the skin glowing. They also contain firming ingredients such as soy proteins, since sagging and a look of less density are two of the most common signs of aging that appear here. Apply your moisturizer using light, circular strokes, working your way up from your lower chest area to your collarbone and neck, then stopping at your jawline.

Apply sunscreen

The sun is responsible for much of the aging that appears on the neck and decollete. The sun naturally hits these areas when they’re exposed from our wearing scoop- and V-neck tops, for example, and the sun damage shows up as wrinkly skin and/or dark spots. So wearing a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher daily on these delicate areas is essential. Apply it after your shower, before your moisturizer if you shower in the mornings before setting out for the day.

Use a serum at night

As the neck and decollete can lose radiance and are prone to hyperpigmentation, applying a serum at night can help improve brightness and even out skin tone.

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