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Shoe rack ideas

Women never have enough shoes — it’s an unavoidable fact. With all the different shoes we have, it’s tricky to keep them stored, tucked in or sorted in an orderly manner. There are many ideas, conventional and not-so-conventional, for shoe racks.


Built-in shoe rack

Depending on the size of your closet, you can have a built in shoe rack inside your closet. This is especially perfect for walk in closets. You can add shelves and paint them in the same color as your closet’s wall or decorate them with wallpaper. You can build the shelves yourself using sized wooden planks sold at Home Depot or any equivalent, or you can use Ikea shelves. Even if you don’t have a walk-in closet, but you have a roomy one, you can add shelves on the side and nicely stack your shoes.

2 to 3-story shoe rack

If you have enough room in your bedroom for an external shoe rack, or you want to keep one in the garage for all the boots, you can buy the two to three story shoe rack from practically any store. This is the most traditional shoe rack and they still make it because it works. You can buy it as an extra on top of an in-closet one, buy it for the kids, or simply get one for your everyday shoes. It is very affordable and keeps your shoes in check.

Hanging shoe racks

This shoe rack can be perfect for all kinds of shoes, except for boots. It doesn’t take up any space; all you need is your door. You simply need to drill two nails in your door, or use pushpins if possible, and hang your shoe rack at the top. They come in different sizes and colors at your convenience and preference, and they can also be easily found at most stores.

Storage boxes

If you don’t want to overcrowd your bedroom with out-of-season shoes, this is the best way is to store them away. You can keep your flats and sandals out in summer, but you might want to store those boots away. One way to do this is by keeping them in storage boxes. You can use a see-through box so you can easily see into it and keep the box under the bed or at the bottom of your closet. It can also work for shoes that you do not wear often. Don’t think of it as storing them away, think of storage boxes as a crafty way to make more room in your bedroom.

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