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5 Must haves when travelling

Travelling can be stressful just because of all the packing and all the thinking that accompanies the packing! With all the restrictions and rules, it is hard to know what to take and what to keep. Here are five things you should always have when travelling.

Woman at airport

Comfortable shoes

We’ve all been to airports and train stations full of clicks and clacks and gorgeous shoes. It’s nice to feel confident and pretty when travelling, but carrying luggage, pulling carry-ons and running to terminals is NOT fun in heels. When sitting for a long time, and especially on airplanes, your feet tend to swell up, making it hard to comfortably fit in tight or strappy shoes. Wear a pair of comfortable shoes and, if you really want to, take a pair of chic ones to sling on before you make your grand entrance.

Extra jacket

You can Google the temperature of the city you are about to hit up, but you can never ever predict the temperature on a train, bus or airplane. And while blankets might be offered, sometimes there just aren’t enough of them. In order to be as comfortable and as prepared as possible, bring a comfortable, extra jacket with you.


Make sure that you have enough change with you and make sure that you have money in the currency of the country of your destination. You don’t want to have to worry about currency exchange to use the phone or get a cart for your luggage. So go prepared.

List of phone numbers

Although our phones are stacked to the max with all the phone numbers we need, we probably don’t have any of them memorized. It’s always important to write down some important phone numbers and keep them with you when you are travelling in case of emergency. If your phone dies or you lose it, you will still be able to use a payphone.


Whether you’re travelling alone or with people, some prefer to sleep and others like to stay quiet. Bring a book, an iPod, a notepad or whatever entertains you best. You want the travel time to pass quickly and smoothly.

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