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Alternatives to the typical flower girl bouquet

Planning to have your favourite niece or younger cousin act as flower girl for your wedding? Rather than have her walk down the aisle with a boring old bouquet, consider giving her one of these neat items to carry instead.

Flower girl

Flower pomander

Flower pomanders are a truly elegant way to start the procession for your wedding. With a bouquet, you just get flowers coming out the top, but a pomander is a sphere with flowers sprouting out all around. It is typically attached to a ribbon, length of fabric or decorative piece of rope that makes it easy to carry. Pomanders can be made with whichever petals and foliage you choose, so they are completely customizable to the style of your event. They’ll cost you a little extra because of the additional flowers, but the touch of elegance they offer is definitely worth it.

Single flower

If you’re looking to keep your wedding budget-friendly but also want it to be a classy affair, having your flower girl walk down the aisle with a single, long-stemmed rose or calla lily could be a lovely alternative. It’s easy for the wee one to handle, and it looks simple yet stunning at the same time.

Basket of goodies

There aren’t many things cuter than a little girl carrying a basket and sprinkling flower petals as she walks down the aisle. You can have the basket decorated exactly how you feel it will match best with the rest of the decor. And what your little gem sprinkles is also entirely up to you. Having a purple-and-white-themed wedding? Perhaps a basket of violet rose petals and sparkling confetti will add a fun touch. Plus, it gives your flower girl something to do as she walks down the aisle, which can really help if she feels nervous.

Flower wand

If you want to add a modern, trendy touch to your wedding, a flower girl wand is definitely the way to go. In essence, it is a piece of wood decorated with any items you choose. These items could include flowers, ribbons, sparkles, jewels, fabric, feathers, ornaments and more. They can also be whichever size you think your special little lady can handle. You can easily make one yourself, but many professionals can create these magical pieces. This is an especially great option if your flower girl is quite young and may not be able to handle a bouquet of real flowers.

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